Monster High

Working with Mattel and Cartuna, I designed a wide variety of props for eight episodes of Mattel’s Monster High Mystery series on Youtube.

February 2023- October 2023

Frankie’s Mystery Board, extended. Smart objects used for interactive and animated items.

Eyeball Markers, Algae Puff chip bag, Polaroid bases.

Library Ladder and Book Cart in various states.

Desert Platters, Camera, Tripod.

Torelei’s Guitar (with alternate colorway), Heath’s Microphone (from Musical Series)

Finn’s Amp and Guitar. **Original 3D designs provided by Mattel

Retro Polaroid Camera

Frankie’s Laptop, DJ Mic.

Cleo’s Protection Pyramid and Scroll of Return,various states.

Iris’s Treasure Chest, Senor Squeaky

iCoffin Apps: Fitbat and Noise App